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Jaguar Landrover lend a hand!

Employees of Jaguar Landrover donated a day to volunteer at Rocklands. 


Volunteers of the Cabin design and Safety team at Jaguar Landrover based in Gaydon spent a full day at Rocklands during the summer holiday.

The school and ASPF had various tasks that needed doing but we neither had the manpower or money to achieve what we needed to do. The volunteers came to our rescue and were willing to do anything that needed doing.


They treated the bespoke furniture in the sensory garden to preserve the quality of the wood; swept, raked and hoovered the turf; cleaned the equipment; replanted the planters with sensory plants; filled both sand pits with new play sand; cut the grass; tidied the outdoor classroom garden, treated the wood of the outdoor classroom; cut back the trees and bushes; refurbished the large sandpit and swept up the leaves from around school.


I think you'll agree that they did a fantastic job!


Many thanks to Mick and the team.