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Belong, Believe, Become


My Movement

Individualised Sensory Integration programmes for all children created by Alison Hart (group programme stamping, spinning, bouncing and walking in and out of cones. 

Individual physio programmes /Move Programme /Practising walking skills: 3 children

PE activities: aiming skills and balancing 

Listen to the Walking Through the Jungle (Jaime’s Brain Breaks) Cosmic Kids song and join in the movements. This is a challenge with differentiated support 

We are learning to practise the movement of the rainforest animals. Join us and copy the actions and movements with these 3 songs. Have fun.

Rainforest dance 

Animal Dance and Freeze/Fun Movement Brain Break/Jack Hartmann 

Animals in Action/Movement Songs for Kids/Jack Hartmann  


Music and Movement/Knill movement weekly sessions


Write Dance to the song “The Wheels on the bus”– weekly sessions using ribbons/scarves/crayons/sensory materials to develop large scale writing patterns


Fine Motor development hand strengthen activities through playdough gym “Down in the Jungle” 

Use Jungle playdough mats to create leaves and other items.

Rainforest fine motor activity with using pegs (simplified form)   

My Creativity



Listening to traditional Brazil music and experiencing a rainforest music using made rain sticks.

Experiencing the ocean drum.

Making jungle themed rain sticks with different jungle patterns.




  • Making a tiger, parrot using handprints
  • Making a sensory tiger pattern with shaving foam
  • Making a tiger pattern using back stipes on orange paper
  • Make a sensory rainforest picture using different tissue paper
  • Making jungle themed rain sticks with different jungle patterns.
  • Rainforest themed sensory play using slime.