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Helen Blogg Chair
Debbie Woods Vice- Chair  
Emma Heywood Treasurer


A message from the chair:




I'm Helen. I am mum to 2 girls, Sophie and Millie. 

I took over as chair of the ASPF around November last year and was vice-chair for 18 months before that. I realise that since then I have never really introduced myself or my intentions for the ASPF. So here we go…!


I have a background in education and started teaching in 2000. Since then I have worked in various education roles ranging from nursery to curriculum consultant and further education lecturer.

As a family we have been through some heartbreaking and traumatic times with our first daughter, Sophie. Finding Rocklands got me through some tough times and opened doors to me that I had hoped to find when Sophie was born. I met families that had been through similar experiences; met people that I might never have got to know had we not been down the path we were on…and made lifelong friends.


I chose to get involved with fundraising for the children at the school and these are the main reasons why:

- I believe that parents want the best for their children and as a team we can do this and more.

- I want our children to have access to equipment and experiences they might not get elsewhere. We are already doing this but I think we can do so much more.

- As a parent I have always felt a feeling of ‘family’ at Rocklands and I want other people to feel that too. I think we can achieve this through helping each other, our children and providing more social events.

- I want to find different ways to raise money effectively but I need more help.


If you feel you would like to know more about the ASPF or would like to get involved, please contact me via the school office or by email:


Let's help the school give our children more...