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Hello All Robins!

As you are reading this, the sun is out and we are still able to enjoy our learning!

I've spoken to most of you to tell you that I will be tweeting activities every day.  We are still reading our book 'Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, which I know you all love!

To find our Twitter page, follow the link @robinsclass1

And if you are outside, dont forget to wear your sunhat and suncream!


Dont forget to check out our  twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it regularly to showcase what we do in 'The Robins Class.'

Robins Summer Newsletter 2021

Summer Term 2021

'Hello!' and welcome back everyone to The  Summer Term in The Robins Class!

The sun is shining and the Spring flowers are out! So, everyone is smiling!

We are starting to get back to some 'normality' in school whilst still strictly adhering to 'Covid guidelines'

We are still working in our 'Bubbles' so not mixing with lots of other children.

This term our school theme is 'The Great Outdoors' so we are trying to base as much as our learning outside as we can. 

We are reading 'Bugs, Bugs, Bugs' in the first half term and 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' for the second.

We still have the same staff and children and I have attached a new timetable and a copy of our Newsletter.

Dont forget to phone or write in the childrens' diaries if you have any problems or worries. We are here to help and support you.

Take care and keep safe

Julie, Lin, Zoe, Megan, Myrosa and Hannah.


Week Eight


Hello 'Little Robins!' its the beginning of another week in the Robins class.  On Thursday, its World Book Day.  The staff will be dressing up and sharing a book with you.  The whole school is dressing up on Monday - so we will do it again!!!

Next week we look forward to welcoming the rest of our Robins back into school.   We have some lovely activities planned.

But for noe, here is the weekly plan for your online learning and a few of the worksheets for you to use.

See you all next week - The Robins Team!

Week Seven

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed your half terms holiday.  We have a very busy half term ahead of us until Easter:- We have World Book Day on March 4th, Mothers Day on March 15th, Downs Syndrome Awareness Day, Autism awareness day and Science week, to name but a few.

This half term, we are still following the whole school theme of 'Awe and Wonder' but are looking at our wonderful world in and below the sea.  So we are reading the story 'Commotion in the Ocean'






Commotion in the Ocean

Week Six

It's now week six and we have worked so hard for the past half term!

This week is no exception as we have lots of exciting things to do.  These include looking at 'Bats' (our last animal in the story and in our jungle) But we also have Valentines day to prepare for and Chinese New Year and Pancake Day to celebrate! It is The Year of the Ox this Year.  So we have lots of themes this week.  We will be making these in Art and Enrichment ( together with Chinese Food Tasting) and use them during our fine motor skills sessions.  In Maths, The Ladybird group are continuing to recognise numbers and count to 10 and The Caterpiller Group are continuing subtraction especially 'one more, one less'.  In Phonics, we are continuing with Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds with The Ladybirds practising s,a,t,p,i,n and the Caterpillars m,d,g,o,c,k especially 'ck'.  During storytime, we are still listening to Lin read our story but are also reading 'The Rumble in the Jungle' (The link to Lin reading is on week Five)

In Science we are exploring 'textures' and making 'silky dough' The recipe is on Pinterest and Twitter.

In Wake up, Shake up we are trying Andy's Wild Workouts on Ceebeebies.  Give them a go! Choose your own! (Link below)

Our Assemblies and Music lessons are with Sara Kimber from Entrust and P.E using lessons by Susanne.  We will attach a daily plan for you to follow.  There are n't so many Twinkl sheets this weeks as much is on Pinterest!  But dont forget to Log in to Education City.  Send us your certificates to see together with your completed worksheets.  We hope you like our craft boxes.  Send us photos of what you make. But have a great week, keep safe and healthy and enjoy the half term!

Week Five


We are entering Week Five this week.  During our exploration of 'The Jungle' we will be looking at 'Tigers'.  We will be listening to them, looking at them, making them, exploring paint to make pictures, exploring Sensory activities as well as continuing with looking at Letters and Sounds and Subtraction in Mathematics.  Also, watch Lin reading our story 'Say Hello to the Jungle Animals'  If time, log on to Education City with your personal Log in (stuck into your school diary) and try the EYFS or Year One activities.  You can also log in to White Rose Maths to watch online teacher led lessons.

In Science, on Monday, we will be experimenting with Flour and Water to make paint and paint our own picture.  Look at the link below for instructions on how to do it.

Dont forget to check in to Twitter daily to see the days' activities.

This week is Childrens' Mental Health Week.  Check out the website attached and make time for some 'well being time' to relax........and dont forget to begin the day with some 'Wake up Shake Up' and start the week with an Assembly with Sarah Kimber (On Twitter and website link attached below)

Keep sending in your photos and emails and have a great fifth week!

Week Five Daily Planning

Week Four


This is our Fourth Week and we are still exploring the Jungle whilst thinking of our world of 'Awe and Wonder' 

This week we are making Snakes!  Think of the sssssss sound. Can you see other objects around you beginning with sssss?


On Monday Afternoon we are having a 'Jungle Party' with Sensory based activities.  Why dont you have your own at home. We're having dancing, pass the parcel and sensory activities.  We may do some cooking too!!

Week Three

Welcome to Week three of Lockdown.  Hope you are all managing ok.  Dont forget to look at Twitter every day for activities, songs, videos and ideas of learning activities.  It is updated every day.



The book we are reading and completing our activities from

Monday - Science

In Science we are doing card 3 for our experiment 'Flax seed Fun!' - It could get messy!!!!

Cutting and Sticking

We do cutting and sticking on Tuesday morning  - do one or all of these activities


More Useful Websites

Below are more useful websites to use.

Added to this, there are many ideas on Pinterest.  You need to set up an account with your email address.  But it has an abundance of ideas and activities.



School Weekly Planning Robins wb 11.01.21

weekly plan Robins 11.01.2021

The above weekly plan will give you an idea of the activities to do each day when you look at the Class timetable too.

Below are the English and Maths worksheets to go with the weekly work

Websites for Maths lessons and Reading Books

Every week CBBC are putting on 3 hours of bitesize learning.  I suggest Robins watch from 9am for English and Maths.

Also try Oak Academy for the Primary KS1 Maths lesson.  Look at Y1.  Watch the online lesson on counting to 10

Finally log on to Oxford Owl.  I will tell you our class Log in and password on Monday.  Now you can beging reading a library of ebooks - beginning with Lilac colour (picture books to discuss) to simple word book.  Let me know how you get on.


Science - Semolina Sand - Card 2

In Science this week, we are making Semolina Sand.  Look at card 2 of the Sensory cards to see how to do the Sensory Science activity.  How does it feel?  Do you like it?

Tuesday Cutting and Sticking

On Tuesday we practise our fine motor skills with Cutting and Sticking.  Download these activities

Robins Spring Newsletter 2021

Robins Class Timetable Spring 2021

School Weekly Planning Robins wb 04.01.21

Spring Term - Online Learning January 2021

Dont forget to check out our Twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it daily with work and activities and ideas for you to try at home.

Good Afternoon all Robins Big and Little!

As we enter another Lockdown, there will be plenty of online learning and workpacks for you to use for your work.

Every day We will upload activities on Twitter (See the above information on how to access it)

We will also put activities on this class website.

For anyone who prefers to have work sent in a paper form, we will send workpacks home.

We can discuss the best method for you during our safe and well phone calls.

I will phone you on a Thursday morning before 12.00 lunchtime.

I will also put a list of websites that you can use. (Many of them were put on during the previous Lockdown so you can find them below.

Websites & resources we use and like are:

Purple Mash – every child has their own log on – it was stuck in their diary a few weeks ago.

Education City – every child has their own log on – it was stuck in their diary previously.

Twinkl – have lots of English, Maths, Phonics, fine motor skills etc activities.

Youtube – please DO NOT allow your child free access to YouTube – however we like the following videos:

Barefoot Books singalong -

Barefoot Books singalong -

Jack Hartmann – Let’s get fit

Cosmic Yoga - Frozen

Cosmic Yoga – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Little Baby Bum songs

Pinterest – search for craft, number, phonic activities for children on here.

Activity Village -


Dont forget to check out our Twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it daily  to showcase what we do in 'The Robins Class.'

Spring Term 2021

Welcome back to the Spring Term.


This term our Topic is 'Awe and Wonder'


We will be basing our work on our book 'Say hello to the Jungle Animals' by Ian Whybrow and Ed Eaves.  We will be looking at life in the Jungle, looking at plants, animals, songs, stories and Sensory Activities

Our Story for Spring 1 - 'Say Hello to the Jungle Animals' by Ian Whybrow and Ed Eaves

Dont forget to check out our Twitter site daily for daily activities.  This will be updated every morning.

Also please share any photos of activities with us.  We love to see them.


Autumn Term 2020

                                                     Welcome back to Everyone!

It was so lovely to see all of The Robins back on Wednesday! And they were all delighted to be back too!

These are very strange times to be back in school, and we have many new routines to get used to.  But we are managing. We are taking every precaution to keep your children and ourselves safe.

Attached is the class Newsletter which gives more information.

I'm afraid there will be no swimming or Horseriding due to Covid restrictions at the moment.  But we have lots of exciting activities planned for your children under our new whole school topic 'Over the Rainbow'

I have also made a temporary timetable which may be changed and adapted as time goes by.  I have attached them both. 


Robins Class Newsletter Autumn 2020

Robins Class Timetable Autumn 2020

Dont forget to check out our Twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it daily  to showcase what we do in 'The Robins Class.'


Staff in Robins

Julie - Teacher Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lin -Teacher  Monday

Zoe and Megan Teaching Assistants (full time)

Hannah TA 1:1 Monday

Myrosa TA 1:1 Tuesday-Friday

Robins Staff

W/B Monday 29th June 2020

Hello All! - I hope you are all well and enjoyed our trip to China last week.  As always, the work is set daily on Twitter.  I could see you did some lovely work - judging by the photos!


This week, we are visiting Africa.  Check Twitter out daily to see different activities for the day.

If you can't here are a few ideas:- And don't forget we will be having our Sports day in school in'Pink Bubble' and I'll be phoning you all on Thursday>  Look forward to speaking to you all smiley



W/B Monday 15th June 2020


Hello 'Big and Little Robins!'  Welcome to another week of online Learning.  This week we are going to Italy on our 'Road Trip'.  That gives us lots of excuse to eat pizza and pasta all week!

We are looking forward to seeing some of you this next week and hope its not too long before we see everyone again.

But whatever you do, and wherever you are - please stay safe and continue to look after yourselves.

Dont forget I'll be phoning you all on Thursday morning for our usual 'catch up!'

Speak soon and have a good week.

Below are a few ideas to use for your learning - dont forget to look on Twitter every evening for the following days' learning. The link for Twitter is below


Robins Class Autumn Timetable 2020

Week Beginning Monday 8th June 2020

Well, its the start of another week of online learning.  The weather doesnt promise to be as good this week, so if you look at Twitter daily, I will be putting activities on the night before.  This is because Teachers are back working in school next week with some children.

Therefore online learning will be posted on Twitter the night before for the following day.

Also the phone calls will just be on a Thursday only as Teachers' workload will be increasing and school based in addition to online.

But you are all doing so well.  You are all keeping safe - which is the main thing and doing what you can.

We are visiting Spain on our Road Trip this week and here are a few ideas for activities:-



Robins Class Activities 08/06/2020

Musical Activities 08/06/2020

Science Activities 08/06/2020

Spanish Songs for Children

Week beginning Monday 1st June 2020


Welcome to another week of online activities and learning in The Robins class. I hope you all enjoyed your half terms holiday - We were lucky with the weather!

This week, our Road Trip takes us to France.  We are going by Ferry and are hoping to visit Disneyland Paris. 

So I'll be putting activities onto 'Twitter' daily.  Remember, Routine is still important with our children.  I try to put a little bit of everything on each day to vary our activities.  Sensory Play is also important and so is our Sensory Circuit.  Then, of course, there's our baking, cooking, work, art and craft, story, singing and exercise by getting out and about.

Dont feel under pressure to do everything, but I try to give you lots of ideas and variety so you can choose, depending on your resources. laugh

Class Activities w.b 01.06.2020
English and Maths Activities

Fine Motor Skills and Topic Themed activities


Maths and Science Activities

Stories and Songs


Week Beginning 18th May 2020 - Weekly Topic - 'The Farm'

Hello Robins Family - and welcome to another week of online activities!  Its our last week before half term and is one of our favourite Topics - 'The Farm!'

Each morning, I will put a selection of Wake up shake up, songs, stories, English, Maths, Topic and fine Motor skills worksheets on Twitter.  There will also be Music and Science Activities and lots of ideas for Sensory play, craft , baking and relaxation activities. 

Just choose a few activities that you feel you want to - depending on your childs' mood and your resources. I always put alot of ideas on so that you have lots of choice!

I have put a selection of activities on here too. 

You have all done so well up to now during these trying times.  The activities are there if you need them - but enjoy your time together and do what you can!

Dont forget to send photos in if you can - even if its just having fun! We love to see you all!

Have a great week - lets hope the sun shines so you can get outside to play!!

Looking forward to talking to you this week..........



Class Activities wb 18.05.2020

Farm Songs

Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020 - 'The Zoo'

Good Morning Everyone! And welcome to another week of online learning! During this week in The Robins Class, we will be visiting 'The Zoo'.

Activities will be posted daily on Twitter and will consist of Wake up shake up songs, counting/phonics songs, A story, Sensory activities, Downloaded formal work to practise Maths, English and fine motor skills.  There will also be suggestions for Cutting skills, Cookery and Art and Craft work.  Some flashcards will also be attched if you want to download and make and play with your child.  If you don't get the time or your child is not motivated enough on a certain day (and we all have those days!) just pick up an idea you have n't had time for previously.  You may want to repeat one or even invent your own!


Dont forget to post your pictures on Twitter.  Just click on the feather in the blue circle to start a 'Tweet' then click on the photo icon at the bottom which will take you to your phone gallery.  Then tick it and click 'Tweet' or 'done'.  Have a play! If you click the wrong photo, you can always click 'cancel'!!!


Here are some ideas and activities that will be shared:-

Home Sensory Circuit
Robins Weekly ideas
Music Ideas
Science Ideas
Animal Body Part Flashcards to make and play
Zoo themed Stories to Watch and read together
Worksheets for Maths, English, Topic, Fine Motor and  Cutting Skills

Week Beginning 5th May 2020 - 'The Park'

This week we are visiting 'The Park'

Remember to look at Twitter every day for Songs, stories, Youtube links and craft ideas together with other ideas.

Continue to do the same Wake up Shake up songs from last week.  They get us ready to work.

You also have your Sensory integration list with exercises if your child needs support to 'let off steam'

I'll also put simple baking ideas onTwitter daily.

Remember you can also redo ideas that you and your child have enjoyed.

Always look through Pinterest and search 'Park', 'Butterflies', 'Ladybirds' and Bugs. -  As well as 'flowers' and 'trees'

I dont know what resources you have at home so sometimes it is better to choose your own activity depending on what you have to work with.


Home Sensory Circuit for Robins
Robins Weekly Ideas
Music and Science activities
Stories to watch and read together

Twinkl Worksheets in Maths and English


Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Welcome to a brand new week in the Robins Class.  Our theme this week is 'The Seaside'  Each morning on Twitter I will be putting ideas for 'Wake up Shake up' stories and ideas for craft and other activities.  I will also put links to some worksheets on here.  But make sure you have your exercise and do other exciting ideas, crafts and activities! The worksheets are just a support and maybe restrict yourselves to only one -four a day.  it depends on your childs' mood and also what other exciting activities you have planned for the day.

I have also put a word document with craft pictures on for ideas, some extra ideas, the OT guide for Sensory exercises and Science and Music activities (which can be repeated weekly)

Just choose what you fancy, what your child enjoys and what resources you have to hand

Have a great week 'Rocking Robins!!!!!'

Home Sensory Circuit for Robins

Here is a 'Home Sensory' set of activities you can also do with your Robins at home.  It is based on the Occupational Activities written buy Alison Hart.  You may also want to do these at home with your children.

Favourite Wake up Shake up Songs

Here are some of our favourite 'Wake up Shae up' Songs

Some stories and songs from You Tube


Some Bingo Boards to Make

Here are some Bingo boards to make to play a game with your Little Robins!

Just print them out onto card or onto paper and laminate.

Then the fun begins!!!

Some Seaside themed Activities and workbooks for this week

Week Beginning 20th April 2020

For those of you unable to access Twitter, I will put our weekly theme and links to websites and activities.  These ideas will be put onto Twitter daily.  You can repeat the songs and dances of course. I have uploaded more Twinkl number and letter practice workbooks below together with fine motor skills practice and a counting sheet.  Its best to only do one or two of these sheets

a day as that will be quite enough for your child to do each day.  I will keep adding as we go along week by week!

Always start your day with some physical exercise.  Be it Joe Wicks, action songs or just dancing to your favourite songs.  It gets you and your children in the mood to work

This week our theme is 'TRANSPORT' 


There are lots of counting and phonics songs to do with Transport.  Follow the links.  There is a story called 'Emergency' and 'Dig dig, digging.'

In the afternoons you can make your own different types of transport from buses, cars, planes, balloons in all forms. 

Summer Term 2020

Hello All, and welcome to a very strange beginning to the Summer Term. I hope you all had a good Easter - I saw lots of photos of the lovely things you have been doing and making!  It looks like some of you have have had quite alot of fun.  There also seems to have been alot of Chocolate consumed!  The Easter Bunny has been very busy!!!

But, seriously, as these are unprecedented times, I hope you are all 'Keeping Safe'

I have attached a Newsletter which will explain how we are going to proceed with our Topic and school work.  I hope it makes sense! But we, will continue as before, with me posting daily on Twitter to give you links and activities to follow for that day. I'll also email or post some work from Twinkl on here.  But you will find lots of free resources available as Twinkl have very kindly waived their costs during this time of crisis.  I have put a link to Twitter on this website and you can also find a link to Twinkl on here. I have also added some Twinkl worksheets in case you are running out!

So have a good half term.  Who knows if we will see you, but I certainly look forward to talking to you regularly and finding out how you're doing and what you've been up to!  Dont forget to post your photos on Twitter or you can always email them to me.  Stay Safe and look after yourselves. smiley

General Maths, Phonics and fine Motor Skills Workbooks to download

I have attached a few twinkle workbooks for you to download if you want some extra writing, maths or pencil control sheets.  You dont have to do them, but they are here if you want them as you may have worked your way through the workpack I sent home!

But dont forget to do lots of exercise and lots of lovely crafts - I'll put ideas for those on Twitter - or, of course, you can make up your own ideas!!! Just enjoy your children!smiley

Thursday 26th March


Hello - it was lovely to talk to you all today.  Some of you are managing to get on with a routine really well. But I know, for some of you, it has not been so easy. It is really hard for our little Robins to understand that now they have to do work at home with Mummy or Daddy and not at school in The Robins Class!  To them, the worlds just dont mix!  It will take time, but be patient, and remember 'little and often' with breaks in between.  Always try to give warnings of what you're doing next.

I will try to put some symbols on the website for you to print off.


In the meantime, follow this link to get on twitter.  Don't forget, as we are a closed group, you have to request to follow.  We try to put on daily ideas and you can post on the work you have done or send me any questions or worries you may have.

Stay safe everyone smiley





School Closure (continued)

We hope you have enjoyed your first day at home.  We have missed the children - but needs must and we have to protect ourselves and each other.

Below is a list of websites you can use if you have any spare time outside of your lessons.  Here is a reminder of the routine which you can stick to:-


In class we follow a routine of work activity (circle time) – choosing/play/toilets – snack – outdoor play – work activity – choosing – lunch – outdoor play/toilets – work activity – choosing – snack – outdoor play. If you want to maintain your child’s routine then you may wish to do something similar at home.


Websites & resources we use and like are:

Purple Mash – every child has their own log on – it was stuck in their diary a few weeks ago.

Education City – every child has their own log on – it was stuck in their diary this week.

Twinkl – are offering a month free in light of the current situation affecting education

Youtube – please DO NOT allow your child free access to YouTube – however we like the following videos:

Barefoot Books singalong -

Jack Hartmann – Let’s get fit

Cosmic Yoga - Frozen

Cosmic Yoga – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Little Baby Bum songs

Pinterest – search for craft, number, phonic activities for children on here.

Activity Village -


School Closure


As the school is now closed to most pupils, much online learning can be done at home. Please follow our twitter account @robinsclass1 where ideas and links will be put on.


Over the next few days we will be adding links to Purple Mash, Education City ( of which your child’s log in details are in their home school diaries) together with other useful websites and activities. 

We have sent home a letter detailing these websites already, together with a pack of worksheets to do at home.


If working with your children at home, it is good to establish a routine. They follow one at school and it is advisable to put one in place at home during the duration.

At school, our routine is:-

Arrive - toilet - toytime(10 mins) - register/circle time songs( counting etc) - short play - snack-           ( using PECS) - toilet - work/activities - short play - lunch- toilet - short play - work/activities - snack (using PECS) - toilet - home.

This is the basic structure of our day which we stick to. It is a good idea to adapt it to suit life and learning at home.


Dont forget to do activities such as reading with and to your children, colouring, drawing, cutting, gluing and sticking. Encourage your child to use PECS ( many of you have them provided by school) or simple language or Makaton signs to tell you their wants and needs. Don’t let them get away with just ‘pointing!’ - they would all rather do this than talk, sign or use their PECS!!!

Keep following Twitter and watch this website over the next few days for more links.


In the meantime, stay safe, look after your families and each other and follow government guidelines. 




Spring Term 2020

Happy New Year to All!

The children all came back into school looking rested and refreshed after their Christmas Break.

This term the whole school theme is 'The Detectives'.  In the Robins Class, we are looking at two books which follow the adventures of Dora the Explorer as she searches to solve problems.  Added to this, we continue with our routines, therapies and emphasis on Communication.  This is the way we find our children in the Robins Class learn and progress the best (See website for rationale)

We were delighted with how our three new little Robins settled into our class.  We can see rapid improvements and developments in so many areas and we know this will continue.

We also have lots of fun in the Robins Class and know our children enjoy coming to school!

Attached is our Class Newsletter and Timetable which also came home.  It gives more details of our daily lessons and any events happening in school this term.

So, we look forward to a term of continued fun and learning!!!

Julie, Lin, Megan and Zoe  smileysmileysmileysmiley

Robins Class Newsletter Spring 2020

Dont forget to check out our new twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it regularly to showcase what we do in 'The Robins Class.'

Autumn Term 2019


Welcome back to all!  It was lovely to see the children back this September.  They all seem to have grown!

It was also lovely to welcome 3 new little Robins into the Class.  We are sure you will settle well really quickly.

It was also nice to welcome Lin, working with us on a Monday.  I am sure she will love working in the Robins class as much as we do!

We are working hard on our new theme 'Dare to dream'.  We have chosen Fairytales and will be looking at 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'


Dont forget to check out our new twitter page.  'robins_class'  @robinsclass1 We update it regularly to showcase what we do in 'The Robins Class.'


Staff in Robins

Julie - Teacher Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lin -Teacher  Monday

Zoe and Megan Teaching Assistants (full time)


We also have weekly specialist input from Tessa (Communication), Suzanne (P.E),  Donna (Makaton) and Alison Hart (OT)  to enrich our curriculum.