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Belong, Believe, Become


This week we are going to make an information book about the animals that you would find in the artic. 

Start each day off with mindful colouring of the focus animal - try to encourage the children to colour each section carefully. Can they stay inside the line? Can these use different colours?

Watch a video clip about the animal. You may wish to do your own research.

Read the fact pages attached. 

Then use the symbols to make your own fact page. 

Your fact page will need a title, a sentence or two and maybe a picture. 

Monday - Friday Mindful Colouring. Encourage the children to stay in the line.

Monday -Friday Arctic Animals. Learn about an animal a day.

Monday - Animal of the Day - Narwhals

Listen, learn and write your own facts.


Narwhal words

Tuesday - Animal of the Day - Artic Fox

Watch, learn and write your own facts

Artic Fox

Arctic Fox words

Wednesday - Animal of the Day - Walrus

watch, learn and write your own facts.


Walrus words

Thursday - Animals of the Day - Snowy owls

watch, learn and write your own facts

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Words

Friday - Animal of the Day - Polar Bear - Help support more content like this!Polar bears are classified as marine mammals (just like seals, whales, and dolphins) bec...

Polar Bear

Polar Bear words

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Friday - cutting skills