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P.E. and Sport

Rocklands Vision for Physical Education

Rocklands Virtual Sport Day 2020!


This year with Covid-19 closing schools across the world, Rocklands launched its first Virtual Sports Day. With daily challenges to enter, children and their families could compete across the week to earn points for their house. Those children attending school competed in their bubble groups.   


Results were posted for each event and winners were chosen for the highest scores and fastest times.


The children enjoyed competing and completing challenges, choosing which to enter. We even had some bonus 'beat the teacher' challenges. 


"I really liked it, I liked timing the challenges especially beating the teacher's time."

Speaking about a school from the past "I liked doing it at home because sports day at school was always really noisy and hot and stressful" 




                                               Sports for all club


The sports for all club provides our pupils with a chance to be physically active and play in team sports regardless of ability. The main games the children take part in are Boccia (pronounced bot-cha) and New age kurling. 


Boccia is a Paralympic sport similar to bowls. Players are seated and propel a ball towards a target or "jack" ball. The closest to the jack after 6 balls have been propelled is the winning team of that end. Balls can be thrown, rolled, kicked or pushed down a ramp. Making it a sport available to all ability levels. It is a sport of precision, focus and accuaracy.


New age kurling is a version of the original curling game adapted to be played indoors. Players deliver "stones" from one end of the court to a target at the other end, scoring more points towards the centre of the target.


Gymnastics for Enrichment


This year we are offering pupils an exciting opportunity to go to Tamworth Olympic Gymnastics Club to work with professional Gymnastics coaches.

The sessions focus on physical skills including body conditioning, safety awareness, team work, individual skills and use of apparatus. The club will use the British Gymnastic association framework and the children will work on a variety of skills in order to achieve BAGA badges. The group will also have the experience of using professional gymnastic apparatus in a fully equipped gymnasium, which is used by professional gymnasts and see some professional gymnasts demonstrating their skills.

The sessions are beneficial to the children taking part in the following ways:-

  • Confidence building
  • Encouraging team work
  • Building physical skills such as strength, stamina,
  • co-ordination and balance
  • Awareness of health and safety
  • Encouraging body awareness
  • Improving attainment
  • Engaging, inspiring and enthusing children