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Belong, Believe, Become


My world  

Experiencing the elements and beauty of the natural world through a sensory story


Watch the video: Great Barrier Reef video 

Experiencing sinking and floating activities.

Awe and Wonder Water Bottle Chimes activities


My Creativity



Making music with water filled bottles different level. Using parachute to encourage movement to music to the waves on the sea to the music of the wheel of the bus.

Please watch our video uploaded to Twitter and join in at home. You could ask your siblings to help. Have fun. 



  • Make a coral reef with bubble wrap painting
  • Make a sensory octopus using a paper plate
  • Make a rainbow fish hand print and add sensory scale
  • Make a cup cake coral reef with painted paper cups
  • Colour in under the sea templates using paint or crayons

My Movement

Individualised Sensory Integration programmes for all children created by Alison Hart (group programme stamping, spinning and bouncing

Individual physio programmes/ Move Programme/ Practising walking skills

PE activities: aiming skills and balancing learning to jump and stop to music or sound.

Listen to the songs to practice:  Learn to Dance the Big Blue Whale 

Music and Movement/Knill movement weekly sessions. Please follow videos uploaded under Music and Movement section. 

Fine Motor development hand strengthen activities through playdough gym  Pirate Playdough Mix