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Sensory Circuits

Let’s get our body ready for learning! Taking part in a short sensory motor circuit is a great way both to energise & settle children into the day. The aim is to focus concentration. The circuit also encourages the development of sensory processing skills....


Try these…. Alerting section, which prepares the brain for learning with activities such as jumping, rolling over on a big ball or bouncing on it, bouncing on a trampoline (or bed!)



Organising section, which helps to organise the body, plan their approach and do more than one thing at a time in a sequential order. Activities such as balancing on a beam (or similar), throwing bean bags into a target, blowing bubbles to a target…



Calming section, which helps children to be calm, centred and ready for the day ahead. Activities include deep pressure activities such as lying under weighted blankets, having balls rolled over their backs…