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Belong, Believe, Become


Phonics phase 2 sounds:


This week, the focus sound is 'a'


Please see videos below for additional phonics activities.




Monday- Phonics archeologists - Can you find the Phase 2 sounds in the tray, and cross them out after?


Tuesday- Can you write 'a' or words that include 'a' - You can use rice, flour, beads, slime etc.


Wednesday - Can you put some paint in a freezer bag to create a sensory bag. Can you use your finger to mark the sound 'a'?

Thursday-Use play dough to make 'a'. Write a word with 'a' and create sound buttons from playdough. (squash the sound buttons each time you say the individual sounds - eg. bed (b) (e) (d)


Friday - Lets practise our handwriting! Can you practise writing the sound 'a'? Dont forget that your letters sit on the line! Can you think and write any words with the sound a?