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25.01.2021 - Thunder

The wind has blown us across the open ocean all the way to Brazil. Where the Rio Carnival is just about to start, have a go at designing and making masks or costumes and having your own carnival. Or maybe you'd like to make a musical instrument and make some noise like the carnival. Everything is full of colour so try making a bright healthy fruit salad. As we leave the carnival in search of the great Wonder that is Christ the Reedemer, we will have to travel through a thunderstorm and up the mountain, have a look at the inspiration posted on Twitter for learning about thunderstorms and the things we may see on the way. Before learning all about Christ the Reedemer and what happened to his thumb...?

Rio Carnival

Have a look at the colours, costumes and masks at the Rio Carnival, can you use the templates and any things you have at home to make your own.


Learn all about thunderstorms and watch them in this clip