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This week at home we are going to continue with some more practical Math's. This week we are going to focus on measuring - capacity. 


Monday - find different containers and see if you can add water to the containers so that they are full, empty and half full. You could make a potion in the bath or carefully over a sink all the time using your math's vocabulary. 


Challenge - Can you send me a photo of a container full, empty and half full. 


Extension - You might even want to fill your container so it is quarter full. This will be a new concept for some of the children. half is sharing the container/ liquid into 2 groups, quarter is sharing the container/ liquid into 4 sections.  


Tuesday - How many cups fill a container? Which containers hold more/ less? Can you predict 'guess' how many cups of water will fill the container?


Challenge - Bake or make something in the kitchen that involves measuring. e.g. make a milkshake or bake a cake. 


Wednesday - Continue to explore measuring in cups. Use a simple scale to measure liquid. 

Draw on a drinks bottle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10


red group numbers up to 5 

yellow group numbers up to 10 

orange and green group numbers up to 20.  


On Thursday and Friday we will go back to number work.   


Thursday - Combine craft and Math's

Make a cloud with cotton wool – count out the cotton balls as you make your cloud.

Cut out and add rain drops - count the rain drops as you add them to the cloud. 


Friday Fun Day - Play 'Peppa Pig's Rainy Day' Board Game.

See the file below. Roll a dice and count as you move around the board. 


Thursday - Number and Craft combined

Number Resources Friday - Peppa Pig's Rain Game