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Belong, Believe, Become


This week in maths we are working on addition/ adding. This is adding two amounts together to make a total. The children are use to add together in a practical way. We use a number of different model and methods but we always encourage adding with physical objects. This can be cubes, coins, pasta pieces, small toys, buttons, stones, sticks, pegs etc. 




Practise adding objects togethor. We usually use cups and a plate to help. You may want to consider this appraoch or you can adapt. 


red group add 1 more to numbers 1-4

yellow group add 1 more to number 1-10

orange and green group add 1 more to numbers 1-20




Still image for this video

Tuesday - red group 


Use the number cards 1-4. Can you say the number? Can you order the numbers? Can you match 1 sweet to the number 1? etc 


Wednesday red group 


Count objects and role play asking for one more.

This could be set up like a shop. Maybe use fruit etc. 

"Can I have 2 bananas". Count the objects 1...2... 

Now say, "Can I have 1 more".

"How many do I have now? Let's count together. 1...2...3..." 

Thursday - red group


Use a pen or stickers to complete these sums