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Meet the Staff in Class

     Spring Term

Welcome back and happy new year. This half term we are going to be busy learning about traditional tales with a twist, looking at the seasons and lots of fun outdoor adventures and creative art and DT projects.

 Autumn Term 2022/23

Welcome to a brand new year in the Hummingbird Class! We are looking forward to getting to know each other better and starting a fabulous year of learning and fun. 

      Reading at Home    

 Pick any books to share with your child, take it in turns to read a sentence each. Read together where your child reads the words they know and you fill in the hard words. Make sure you discuss what is happening, what do they think might happen next?, what if this was you, how would you feel?, can you remember when we did...?


Here are some websites to help with different things to read, listen to or play. 

Hummingbird Art Project - Message in a bottle top 2021/22

Still image for this video
The Hummingbirds worked hard on an art project to raise awareness of the dangers of overusing one use plastic, and it's effects on the environment. Here is a look at the hard work that went into our finished piece...

Remote Learning for 25th-28th January 2022


 This week in phonics Red group where focusing on th, Orange group sh, and green group er, ou (as in herb or house). There are lots of things we need to practice with these sounds.

  • Correctly writing these sounds, making sure our letters are clear and sitting on the line.
  • Trying to remember words that have these sounds in them.
  • Using these words to create sentences that we can write down.

th - thumb, thorn, they, three, path, tooth, bath. 

sh- shell, ship, shark, she, dish, wish, push.

er- her, fern, germ, letter, river, flower.

ou- house, mouth, sound, out, cloud.


Phonics play have free trials that you can sign up for to play games that will help with phonics learning red/orange groups are on phase 2 & 3, Green are on phase 4 & 5.


We are also working on some sight words. These are words we are practicing reading straight away and not sounding them out. Below are flash cards of sight words to practice quick reading. Please stick to the first 3 pages and print two copies to play snap, or memory.

Sight Word flash cards

This week in Maths we are looking at direction and turns.

We need to be able to:

  • give directions using left, right, straight on. 
  • Describe a turn as a half turn or a full turn.
  • Start to introduce clockwise and anticlockwise when saying which way to turn.

Use this week's Newspaper to discuss interesting events from around the world. 

Go outside or sit in a window. What can you see? Try to draw a landscape picture of what you can see. Think about what is in the background and what is in front. Try to make it look realistic. If you want to use colour, try to use true colours that you can see.

We have been looking at rhythms and some simple notation in music. Ask your child to teach you what the notations are. Ask them to write a simple rhythm for you using the notation and see if you can clap it back to them. Swap and get them to clap your rhythm. 

In History this week we were going to be introduced to Samuel Johnson. Born and raised in Lichfield, we are going to be looking at this important local figure from the past. He wrote the first Dictionary. Do you have a dictionary in the house? have a look at one together. What words could you look up? Can you imagine writing a dictionary?


It took Samuel Johnson 9 years. It made him famous but not rich.

In Science we have been looking at sound and how it is a vibration.

  • Why not try collecting sounds, what sounds can you hear around the house or garden? 
  • Have a go at the matching sounds game.
  • Check out the changing pitch lesson.
  • Have a go at making your own walkie talkies. (cup and string phones)


Last week Hummingbirds enjoyed the big school bird watch. Why not continue this interest with some fun bird related activities. The big garden birdwatch takes place this weekend, why not join in?