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Morrisons Lichfield donates apple tree to Rocklands School

Morrisons Lichfield has donated a British apple tree to Rocklands school for them to plant and grow their own apples.


The three year old British apple tree sapling, was delivered to pupils at the school on Purcell Avenue by Morrisons Community Champion David Cole, just before Christmas.


It was delivered along with some apples, so that children have a chance to taste the fruit which the tree will eventually produce.


The traditional British Cox's Orange Pippin apple tree will take 10 years to grow to full maturity. When mature, it should grow enough apples to feed a full class of over 30 Rocklands school’s pupils - at Autumn harvest time.


David Cole, Community Champion at Morrisons Lichfield said: “We hope our British apple tree will be a lovely addition to Rocklands school’s grounds. We hope that the children will enjoy watering, pruning and looking after it whilst it grows - and that it bears much fruit for the school pupils for many years to come.”